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Founded in 1984, we are manufacturing and exporting the film blowing machine, film gravure printing machine, bag making machine and extrusion coating machine. At Jiangnanmach, we are proud to have invented more than 30 items patent in China and cooperated with hundreds of countries partners over the past 35 years, A small but significant innovation can often revolutionise an industry. We are keeping moving.

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Product Categories

soft paper-plastic packing machinery for Coating and laminating.

polyethylene film blowing machinery for many kinds of poly film usage.

gravure or flexio printing machine for film.

Hot Products

At the beginning of the 1980s, our factory invented the blowing film combining color printing machine. In the 1990s, under the premise of constantly improving old products, we successfully developed products such as laminating machine (extrusion laminating machine) and multi-layer laminating machine for food. In 2000, our factory successfully developed packaging machinery such as liquid milk aseptic pillow high-speed filling machine. The product obtained more than 30 invention patents and utility model patents. In 2005, we won innovation fund in the field of National Science and Technology.

PE Coating Machine

PE Coating Machine

Brief Introduction JDLF90-1300 model coating and laminating machine adopts electric, pneumatic...

Blown Film Making Machine

Blown Film Making Mac...

This Double-layer Co-extruding Film Blowing Machine adopts two kinds of materials to carry on...

Printing Plastic Bags Machine

Printing Plastic Bags...

Our Colour Flexo Printing Machine suitable for printing such packing materials as polyethylene,...


Our Faith

Creativity makes ordinary turn into extraordinary. We cherish the brand casted by several years perspiration, and appreciate every hard-won honor. We are sentimentally attached to applause and never hesitate. We only put it into the motivation. One step one footprint, we will continue striving for progress and go beyond ourselves.