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Adhesive Coating Machine extrusion speed and substrate layer classification
- Jan 04, 2019 -

When the adhesive laminating machine is used, it can be used as a real "leaching" film machine by using oily liquid on the surface of the photo or canvas to cover the film layer with a width of about one meter. It is generally used in the photo studio and other industries. Use small machinery. The composite material production line with a large line speed and a wide width belongs to the light industrial machinery. According to the packaging printing and mechanical manufacturing industry standards, it should be called the extrusion casting composite unit.

Classification of extrusion speed of adhesive laminating machine

1. Low speed extrusion casting compound machine

2. Medium speed extrusion casting machine

3. High speed extrusion casting compound machine

Extrusion speed classification is classified by number of substrate layers

1. Single substrate laminating machine

2. Multi-substrate laminating machine

3. Three-in-one substrate laminating machine


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