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Basic structure and control process of plastic bag making machine
- Aug 21, 2018 -

The basic structure of a bag making machine includes: material storage device, step device, frequency conversion device, whole bag device, hot sealing cutter and control device. The main feature is that the storage device stores the corresponding amount of raw materials, the stepping device drives the raw materials, the frequency conversion device drives the hot sealing and cutting knife, the whole bag device makes the whole bag after the production of fixed bags, the hot sealing and cutting knife controls its temperature through the thermostat to seal and cut the raw materials, and the control device coordinates all aspects of actions as a whole.  

Frequency converter has the functions of automatic torque compensation, slip compensation and automatic voltage stabilization. In the case of frequent start and stop of the motor, it can effectively protect the motor, avoid the influence of starting current on the power grid, and effectively realize energy saving and consumption reduction.

The main control process of plastic bag making machine is as follows:

1. Open the material switch and control the action of the material storage motor through the photoelectric control of the material storage to store the quantitative material.

2. Turn on the heating control switch and heat up the hot knife through the thermostat.

3. Drive the action of raw materials through the stepper motor, in which the white bag sealing and cutting is used to determine the fixed step number of the stepper motor to achieve the fixed-length control; The sealing and cutting of color bag is realized by detecting the signal stop stepping motor.

4. After the stepping motor stops, the three-phase asynchronous motor drives the hot knife for sealing and cutting.

5. After sealing and cutting the set bag number, carry out the whole bag.

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