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Composite action and effect of extruded film EPE laminating machine
- Nov 22, 2018 -

Extrusion film EPE laminating machine is one of the popular packaging equipments in the market. It can be used for a variety of materials, such as pearl cotton sheet, PU foam sheet, EVA foam sheet, XPE foam sheet, sponge, etc. The plastic sheet is laminated with a film of plastic film, kraft paper, aluminum film, and non-woven fabric. The laminated film has a flat product and clear lines, making it a very practical laminating device.


The extruded film EPE laminating machine is mainly composed of a feeding device, an extrusion system, a die, a receiving system, a discharging system, an electric control cabinet and a cutting device. The plastic granules are placed in the main hopper, heated and melted, extruded from the T-die, evenly coated between the plastic sheet and the plastic film, and then laminated, after cooling, not only have protective functions, but also good heat-sealing strength. There are also properties of other composite materials.


The extruded film EPE laminating machine includes a plurality of systems, and the extruded film EPE laminating machine can be combined with a single-layer composite of a plastic film, an aluminized film, a coated paper and other fabrics on the surface of the pearl cotton. The plexiglass pearl cotton greatly improves the strength, moisture, water and beauty, and can also print text and pictures, providing a better packaging material for the packaging industry.



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