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Daily care and use of Multi-Layer Coating And Laminating Machine
- Jan 21, 2019 -

The coating mechanism of the multi-layer coating and laminating machine is the basis for the equipment to complete the review work, so it is particularly important. When the multi-layer coating and the composite machine wire roller are stopped at the production stop, the wire roller should not stop. According to the length of the downtime in the middle of production, a certain amount of ethyl ester should be appropriately added to the adhesive to avoid the jamming.


When the wire roller is cleaned at the end of production, the entire gluing system is cleaned at this time. One principle to be grasped is to clean the upper gluing roller from top to bottom, and then clean the wire roller. When cleaning the wire roller, apply a thin copper brush with ethyl acetate and wash it repeatedly. Finally, wipe it off with a clean dry cloth.


During the use of the wire roller, a part of the adhesive will not be cleaned at the corners of the mesh, and a part of the adhesive will not be transferred out at the corners of the mesh. This part of the adhesive will solidify in the mesh. At the corners, special network cleaning agents must be used to clean them to ensure the stability of the coating adhesive.


The multi-layer coating and laminating machine control the gluing by means of a smoothing roller and a scraper, which are controlled by the glue amount and smoothing the glue on the wire roller to uniformly coat. Here is the application of the printing blade and the adhesive. The angle of the blade should also be adjusted. When different viscosity and different glue mesh rollers are used, the blade should be adjusted to grasp the amount of glue.


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