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Double Side Pe Film Coating Laminating Machine is fully functional and easy to use
- Nov 20, 2018 -

Multi-functional Double Side Pe Film Coating Laminating Machine combined machine extruder has advanced performance, and has automatic heating and constant temperature control melting temperature function. Double film head can be coated on one side or double side, coating width can be adjusted, stepless speed adjustment coating Layer thickness and composite speed, six-station substrate delivery, base cloth delivery using gas-liquid correction to make the coating position accurate, the pressure roller uses a pneumatic mechanism, the pressure is even and reliable.


At the same time, the multifunctional Double Side Pe Film Coating Laminating Machine is also equipped with automatic trimming, counting, blowing, punching, folding, cutting and winding devices. The machine adopts a double-die coating composite technology, and is coated with a molten polypropylene or polyethylene coating film on both sides of the rolled circular woven fabric to form a coated plastic woven fabric; The two sides of the fabric are coated with molten polypropylene or polyethylene, and the CPP, BOPP color printing film or paper is combined with the woven fabric to form a color printing film composite bag, a paper plastic composite cement bag and a paper plastic composite packaging bag.


In actual operation, the composite temperature of the double-sided PE coating composite machine can be automatically controlled, and can be double-sided composite or single-sided composite in combination with actual needs; the operation is simple and the maintenance is convenient.http://www.jiangnanmachpoly.com/

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