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Lamination And Coating Machines uniformity and use requirements
- Dec 14, 2018 -

The material unwinding of the laminating and coating machine can be roughly divided into two categories according to its function, single-station unwinding and double-station unwinding. If subdivided, it is added in the form of unwinding. Other functions, such as the unwinding station is automatic edge or manual edge, is automatic cut, automatic fit or manual cut fit.

Laminating and coating machines produce a variety of unwinding tensions, such as mechanical friction, pneumatic brakes, magnetic powder brakes, or AC motors, DC motors as brakes. The use of tension sometimes requires passive unwinding, sometimes requiring active unwinding, sometimes According to different working methods, brakes and explosion-proof treatment are required in special industries; tension control is divided into three types: closed loop, open loop and manual.

The function of the laminating and coating machine is to uniformly apply the glue on the substrate. The coating head is coated in many ways during use; different methods are used according to the glue characteristics, such as increasing the speed of the metering roller and the metering roller. Poor, the smoothing and reverse scraping of the metering roller, the speed difference of the transfer rubber roller and the surface hardness to control the uniformity of the coating.

Film and coater requirements

1. Customize the machine according to the different requirements of the customer.

2. The form of the rack is: manual lifting type single station, hydraulic lifting single station, electric flip type double station, electric zipper climbing type double station, electric flip wheel type double station, etc. Customer choice.

3. The oven heating methods are: electric heating, heat conduction oil furnace heating, steam heating, etc. for customers to choose


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