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Ldpe Film Blowing Machine boot check and operation note
- Jan 30, 2019 -

When operating the LDPE blown film machine, the worker should not stand in front of the machine. During the feeding process, the metal material in the raw material and the hard objects that damage the machine, such as small tools, should be prevented from falling into the barrel. Do not wear gloves when operating the rotating machine to prevent getting caught in the injury. Check and add the lubricating oil in the gearbox and air compressor to check the lubrication of each mechanical transmission component.


Before the LDPE blown film machine is turned on, the worker must first check whether the power connection is good and check whether the instrument is damaged properly. Before starting the machine, ensure that all components are safe and normal, so as not to affect production and cause accidents. Within the range of film formation conditions, the molding temperature, the cooling air temperature and the inflation ratio are increased; then the film turbidity is increased and the gloss is lowered;


In addition, during the operation of the LDPE blown film machine, the compressed air pressure of the inflated tube blank should be kept reasonable. It is not possible to rupture the tube blank, but also to ensure the symmetry and stability of the membrane tube, and relatively ensure the quality of production. Use a copper knife, rod or compressed air to clean the extruder and die, but avoid damage to the screw and screw surface.

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