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Maintenance and maintenance of Extrusion Plastic Film Lamination Coating Machine
- Jan 08, 2019 -

The extrusion plastic film composite coating machine is a production equipment mainly used for the surface coating process of film, paper, etc., which brings convenience to people's coating production, and its rewinding and rewinding rolls are all equipped with full speed automatic connection. The membrane mechanism is used and operated, and the tension closed loop automatically controls the operation of the coating device, so that the operation is simple and fast during use.


In addition, when using the extruded plastic film composite coater on a daily basis, it must be operated in accordance with the correct operation, and the daily maintenance work of the machine should be done well, so as to reduce the wear of the machine and prolong the service life of the machine. For example, to ensure the horizontal installation of the extruded plastic film composite coating machine, the grounding wire should be installed, and the independent leakage switch should be installed safely.


Keep the coater clean. Use a compressed air machine to remove dust and wire debris from the inside and outside of the cabinet every day before starting. Start by pressing the power to start, the temperature is set to 50~60 °C first, do not exceed 80 °C, adjust the required temperature again; speed, temperature, pressure, etc. can be adjusted freely according to the operation requirements.


Regularly apply lubricant to each transmission part of the extruded plastic film composite coater to ensure smooth operation of the coater for a long time. Before using the machine for shutdown, the pressure must be adjusted to no pressure, the heating system is turned off, the conveyor belt is serviced, and the delay cooling or automatic shutdown is set.

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