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Monolayer Blown Film Machine Different system-specific maintenance methods
- Feb 04, 2019 -

In the process of using a single layer blown film machine, it needs to be well maintained and maintained. Different maintenance methods should be adopted for different systems. For example, for the loading machine system, it is necessary to clean the filter in time to check whether the negative pressure feeding system has air leakage. For the extruder system, it is necessary to observe the pressure meter and the main motor current first, clean the screen changer in time, and then check the gear box, screw, main motor for noise and overheating.


In addition, it should be confirmed whether the operating state of the inverter is good, correct the placement of the single-layer film blowing machine, and adjust the groove to ensure the angle and level of the extruder. When maintenance is carried out on the wind ring, the debris and dust in the air ring should be cleaned up in time.


The main contents of the electrical maintenance of the single-layer blown film machine are as follows: 1. Ensure the stability and reliability of the power supply, and meet the performance parameters; 2. Maintain proper temperature and humidity, maintain good grounding, and pay attention to eliminate the danger of static electricity; 3. Regularly remove the dust from the radiator; 4. Do not repair the core parts with a point.

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