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Notes for use of film blowing machine
- Aug 21, 2018 -

Notes for use of film blowing machine:

Operators should not stand in front of the machine to avoid accidental injury to operators. When feeding, prevent hard materials with metal impurities and operating tools from falling into the barrel. Do not wear gloves when operating rotating machines to prevent injuries.

Inspect and add lubricating oil to the reducer and air compressor. Inspect the lubrication of the driving parts of the plastic film blower. Avoid drying operation to damage the machine and make noise.

Before starting the operation, check whether the power supply connection is disconnected or leakage; Check the instrument for abnormal damage. Ensure all parts are safe and normal before starting up, so as not to affect production and cause accidents.

In the condition range of film formation, the molding temperature, cooling air temperature and blowing ratio were increased. So the turbidity of the film increases and the gloss decreases. It goes up.

When the feeding is uniform and uniform, you can put gloves on and slowly pull the tube blank. At the same time, close the end of the tube blank and slightly open the air regulating valve, so that it can put a small amount of compressed air from the core hole of the mandrel, and carefully lead the stable bubble shelf, miter plate, and put into the traction roll, guide roll until it is rolled (if you want to press the flower through the roller).

The compressive air pressure of the billet is appropriate, which can not make the billet rupture, but also ensure the symmetry and stability of the tube.

Copper knife, bar or compressed air can be used to clean the extruder and die orifice, but the polished surface of screw rod and screw rod should not be damaged.

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