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Pe Coating Machine structure and operation skills
- Nov 15, 2018 -

Pe film laminating machine is a processing equipment for extrusion molding, which mainly consists of feeding device, extruder main machine, mold, unwinding mechanism, composite mechanism, winding mechanism, edge position control device, trimming device, Heating and cooling system, electrical measurement and control system and other components. According to the needs of different products, a second unwinding mechanism, a printing device, an oven, a substrate surface treatment device (corona machine, etc.), an online thickness gauge, and the like can be added.


For the user, the production speed of the Pe Coating Machine is very high and the degree of automation is also high. When using the laminating machine, it should be operated in strict accordance with the instructions. Before putting the material in, you should first turn on the main power switch to put the machine in the pre-start state. At this time, the UV lamp will not be very bright. Only one or two minutes will be turned on, and the light will gradually become brighter.


Then pay attention to check whether the rubber roller of the Pe Coating Machine is covered with the laminating liquid, and then pay attention to check whether the laminating liquid is solidified. Note that the laminating liquid should be pumped into the groove between the two rubberizing rollers to work normally. http://www.jiangnanmachpoly.com/


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