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Performance characteristics and coating method of PVDC coating machine
- Nov 29, 2018 -

The process of PVDC coating machine is mainly made up of foreign advanced coating machine technology combined with its own experience in producing coating machine for many years. This machine adopts two kinds of coating functions: comma scraper and textured, and comma scraper is applied to the tape. , self-adhesive, electrical protective film coating, etc., net coating for silicone oil, PE protective film coating, widely used in the production of tape, stickers, electrical protective film, PE protective film, release paper, release film Various coating products.

PVDC coating machine performance and characteristics

1. PVDC coating machine adopts 5 frequency conversion motor control. The whole machine tension (unwinding, coating, drawing and winding) is automatically controlled by Japanese Mitsubishi PLC system. Through the human-machine interface touch screen control and display, the reliability of the whole machine is improved. .

2. The discharge rack is in the form of an electric flip double station, which adopts magnetic powder automatic tension control.

3. The comma scraper coating method adopts a pneumatic swing arm type for the comma scraper roller clutch adjustment, and the swing arm is controlled by a micro-adjusting device, and the thickness of the glue is controlled by the feeler gauge.

4. The netting coating method adopts a heavy-duty double-shaft mechanical independent swimming for the coating scraper shaft. The scraper adjustment mode is manual pneumatically, and the angle is arbitrarily adjusted. The coating amount depends on the anilox roller eye line, and the coating amount is different. The anilox roller can be exchanged for different eye lines.http://www.jiangnanmachpoly.com/

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