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Pre-start inspection and operation requirements for polythene cover printing machine
- Dec 22, 2018 -

The polythene cover printing machine guarantees the safety of the machine equipment and the crew of the unit to a certain extent. The work clothes, work caps and work shoes must be neatly dressed before the work, and the clothes and cuffs must be fastened. It is easy to fall out of debris, not wearing watches and accessories.

The polythene cover printing machine should add the required lubricating oil (grease) to each oil filling point, lubrication point and fuel tank of the machine before starting the machine. Without approval, non-members of the crew may not start or operate the machine without authorization. Assistants and apprentices shall work under the guidance of the pilot.

Before the start of the polythene cover printing machine, it should be checked whether there are any debris in all parts of the fuselage. When the operation is performed, the signal must be given first and foremost, and the safety around the machine can be effectively determined before starting. Before the machine is running, first reverse the number of weeks, then just a few weeks, so as to avoid debris between the rollers to damage the blankets, plates and so on.

During the operation of the polythene cover printing machine, it is strictly forbidden to touch the moving working surface by hand. It is not allowed to repair and wipe the machine. It is not allowed to cross the rotating part, and the machine protection device should be kept complete. The crew should strictly observe the position according to the division of labor, pay attention to the operation of all parts of the machine at all times, and immediately stop the problem after finding the problem.


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