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Pressurization process and pressure limiting function of hot melt glue laminating machine
- Dec 24, 2018 -

The protection system of the hot melt glue laminating machine includes protection of lifting action, heating, pressurization, and the like. To a certain extent, the product loading position is provided with a safety door micro switch, and the device can only start running after the safety door is closed. When the sealing head is lowered to the appropriate position, the stroke switch is activated, and the four cylinders are simultaneously operated to lock the cylinder, and at the same time, the four stroke switches are respectively activated, and then the boosting system is turned on to start boosting.

The water pressure gauge of the hot melt glue laminating machine itself has a pressure limiting function, and can effectively adjust the limit pointer on the dial to determine the range of the pressure limit value during use, for example, it cannot be raised to the set time. The alarm bell sounds when the lower limit is set or whenever the pressure exceeds the upper limit of the set value.

In the process of pressurization of the hot melt glue laminating machine, if the collapse of the fuse is suddenly cut off, all the electric control valves in the equipment will be in the state of being powered off, so that the cylinder does not operate according to the preset program. There is a danger of damage to the machine. To this end, the machine is equipped with a power-off protection valve to ensure that the head does not rise when it is suddenly powered off. After the safety is determined by the treatment, if the sealing head is to be raised, there is a manual air valve on the right side of the machine, and by rotating it, the sealing head can be raised. The valve is placed in the closed state during normal operation.

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