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Production Technology of coating machine
- Aug 21, 2018 -

Coating machine, is in the PCB board need to patch the position of a special glue, after curing and then through the oven. The coating is carried out automatically according to the procedure.

Coating machine is mainly used in the process of ventilation paint, UV glue and other liquid precision spraying, coating, intravenous drip to each product precise location, can be used to achieve line drawing, round or arc type. Coating machine process: coating machine technology is the surface of the product surface coating a new material technology, product surface spraying function is mainly in the ability to play a waterproof, dustproof, anti-static and so on. Surface coating is the formation of a membrane layer on the surface of the substrate to improve the protection of the surface of the technology. After spraying the new material on the surface of the product, the chemical composition and structure of the coating layer can be completely different from that of the substrate material, which satisfies the surface performance, the bonding strength of the coating layer and the matrix material can adapt to the requirement of working condition, the economy is good and the environmental protection is good. The coating thickness of the surface is several microns, or even less.

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