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Structural composition and functional characteristics of Coating Lamination Machine
- Dec 12, 2018 -

The laminating machine is extruded and casted during use. The plastic particles are directly plasticized by the die of the flat die after being plasticized by the screw. After being stretched, they are attached to paper, film, non-woven fabric and woven fabric. The surface of the flexible substrate is cooled and shaped into a composite material having the barrier properties and heat sealability of the plastic film layer, the toughness and functional properties of the substrate.

Structural composition of laminating machine

When the laminating machine is used, the whole machine is mainly composed of feeding device, extruder main machine, mold, unwinding mechanism, composite mechanism, winding mechanism, edge position control device, trimming device, heating and cooling system, electrical measurement and control system, etc. Part of the composition.

Lamination compounding opportunities are effective according to their different products

The laminating machine can add a second unwinding mechanism, printing equipment, oven, substrate surface treatment device (corona machine, etc.), online thickness gauge and other components according to different product requirements. Front process equipment: granulator, printing machine or other equipment; downstream process equipment: slitting machine or other equipment.


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