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The advantages of Pvc Coating Machine and the necessity of cleaning and maintenance
- Dec 01, 2018 -

Pvc Coating Machine refers to the use of polyethylene and polypropylene as raw materials, using the extrusion coating process to coat the plastic film on paper, BOPP or BOPET to improve the tensile strength and air tightness of the substrate. And moisture-proof plastic machinery. It is not difficult to find that it has a high production speed, uniform thickness of the layer when coating, and high adhesion fastness.


In addition, the Pvc laminating machine has a smooth, healthy, environmentally friendly, non-polluting effect, which greatly saves labor intensity and raw material costs, and saves resources, which is largely in line with our current production needs. The Pvc laminating machine is composed of a feeding device, an extruder main machine, a mold, a unwinding mechanism, a composite mechanism, a winding mechanism, a side position control device, a trimming device, a heating and cooling system, and an electrical measurement and control system. According to the needs of different products, a second unwinding mechanism, a printing device, an oven, a substrate surface treatment device, an online thickness gauge and the like can be added.


Pvc laminating machine is a mechanical equipment with relatively high environmental performance. It is favored by users because of its high efficiency and ease of use. Machines that have been used for a long time need to be regularly maintained, maintained, and cleaned. The laminating machine is no exception.

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