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The control core and operating state of the pressure of the hot melt laminating machine
- Dec 26, 2018 -

The pressure system of the hot melt laminating machine is composed of a pressure transmitter, a pressure control instrument, a booster pump, a manual valve, a pneumatic valve and the like. Its function is mainly: the pressure transmitter detects the pressure in the sealed container, converts the pressure value into a standard signal of 4~20 mA, and transmits it to the signal input end of the pressure control instrument.

The pressure control instrument of the hot melt laminating machine is the control core of the pressure system. It accepts the pressure signal from the pressure transmitter to a certain extent, effectively controls the output according to the size of the pressure signal received, and the pressure control instrument outputs the output. The signal controls a set of pressurized components that are pressurized by a pressurized assembly.

The pressurization assembly of the hot melt laminating machine is a relatively complex and critical component consisting of a solenoid valve and a booster pump. Water is continuously injected into the closed container by the booster pump so that the water pressure inside the container rises continuously until the pressure set value is reached.

When the pressure of the hot melt laminating machine reaches the set value, the booster pump stops working, the system enters the closed and constant pressure state, and starts timing. During the constant pressure process, the system can automatically compensate for the pressure drop, so that the pressure energy is constant in a more precise range.

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