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The main points of the coating process of PVDC coating machine
- Dec 05, 2018 -

When the PVDC coater is applied, firstly, materials with high temperature resistance and high strength, such as BOPP, PET, PA, PT, etc., and a two-component polyurethane adhesive can be used as the primer. The PVDC emulsion is a copolymer of polyvinylidene chloride. It has high air tightness, aroma retention, printing applicability and chemical resistance. It is suitable for substrates such as BOPP, PET, nylon, cellophane and paper. It is mainly used for dry food packaging, boiling food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging. , daily chemical packaging, cigarette packaging, etc.

During the entire coating process of the PVDC coater, the coating and drying of PVDC is a key link. There are many ways to apply PVDC, each of which has its own characteristics. The advantage of reverse coating is that the coating process is fast and adapts to a large number of small varieties. The advantage of air knife coating is that the coating amount is easily changed, and it is suitable for a small variety of production. The advantage of the bar coating is that the coating amount is easily changed, the setting cost of the coater is inexpensive, and the modification of the existing coater can be performed at a low cost. The advantage of gravure coating is that it is suitable for high speed coating.

Drying conditions vary for different PVDC printed packaging substrates and coating volumes. After the coated material of the PVDC coater is wound, it is usually cured in the curing chamber for 2 to 3 days, and the curing temperature is 35-40 ° C, in order to facilitate the crystallization and primer reaction.

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