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The structure of Three Layer Film Blowing Machine and its film forming technique
- Jan 25, 2019 -

The screw and barrel inside the three-layer blown film machine are made of 38 chrome-molybdenum steel by nitriding treatment, which has the best hardness and corrosion resistance. The air-cooling device adopts a labyrinth structure to ensure uniform air volume, automatic temperature control and automatic heating. The circulating water cooling system makes the plastic film optimally transparent.


The three-layer blown film machine can be used to produce packaging films and composite packaging materials with good barrier, sealing and transparency properties. These plastic films can be used for preservation, heat sealing and printing. During the film formation process of the three-layer blown film machine, the compressed air pressure of the blown tube blank should be appropriate, and the tube blank should not be broken, and the symmetry and stability of the film tube should be ensured, and the quality production is relatively ensured.


Within the range of film forming conditions of the three-layer blown film machine, the molding temperature, the cooling air temperature and the inflation ratio are increased; then the film turbidity is increased and the gloss is lowered; When the die discharge is uniform, you can wear the gloves and slowly pull the tube blank. At the same time, close the end of the tube blank, open the intake control valve slightly, put a small amount of compressed air from the center hole of the mandrel, and then carefully introduce Over-stabilize the bubble holder, herringbone plate, and penetrate the traction roller and guide roller until coiling.


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