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What is the internal structure of the Bopp Printing Machine
- Jan 23, 2019 -

Bopp printing machine is a multi-color gravure printing machine suitable for all kinds of plastic materials, paper, aluminum foil and other reel materials. Its main transmission mechanism uses inverter to control the motor to drive the synchronous toothed belt to rotate. The cylinder clamp top type is used to push the top plate mandrel for plate loading, and the manual screw movement is used horizontally.


The ink supply device inside the bopp printing machine uses an air diaphragm pump for circulating ink supply; the scraper movement is driven by a low-speed synchronous motor, the scraper structure is an augmented slide type, and the upper and lower angles can be adjusted arbitrarily, and the blade pressure is applied by a double cylinder; The printing adopts double cylinder synchronous pressure application, and the pressure roller seat has a swing arm structure, which can ensure the stability of the film tension when the pressure roller is lifted and lowered.


In addition, the bopp press drives the precision ball screw and the compensation roller by a low-speed synchronous motor (actuator) to complete the process of color registration. In the production process, the material draw traction adopts the automatic tension control magnetic powder clutch; the receiving frame adopts the double-axis double-station rotary tower type, and the receiving a and b rolls are controlled by the torque motor.


The oven of bopp printing machine adopts centrifugal fan to circulate and suck. The electric heating tube is distributed in the air outlet of each group of ovens for heating, and the heating package is double-heated. The temperature can only be controlled by the temperature controller; and each centrifugal fan is cooled to ensure that it is cooled. The film is cooled, not deformed or stretched, and an independent exhaust mechanism is installed at each end of the main body.


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