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What is the requirement of thickness standard for the three - proof paint coating of the coating machine
- Aug 21, 2018 -

When buying the coating machine, customers pay more attention to the thickness of the coating. The following is a brief introduction for you.

Circuit board 3 prevent paint kind is very much, specific application also cent is very much, 3 prevent paint coating machine operation when cannot determine a specific reference standard. This depends on the product and the environment.

Common electronic products:

Common circuit board requirements are not too high, with general acrylic acid triproofing paint or modified triproofing paint can play an effective protection role. The thickness of the coating machine is generally between 0.15 and 0.35MM. If you want to apply a little thicker, wait until the three protective coatings on the plate are completely cured before the second coating.

Industrial electronic products:

For industrial products or military products with high requirements, the circuit board has very strict requirements for the use of organosilicon modified triproofing paint, and the high temperature resistant and flame retardant triproofing effect is good. The coating thickness is between 0.35-0.6mm. The viscosity of organosilicon triproofing paint reaches 1000. It can protect the circuit board.

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