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Application And Development Of Bag-making Machine
- Aug 21, 2018 -

According to the domestic bag-making machine market, the domestic and foreign advanced equipment of full automatic packaging technology parameters have little difference, the main difference is in the overall machinery speed.

The application of bag-making machine is related to many important industries of national economy and people's livelihood, such as food, chemical industry and medicine. According to the forecast of China bag-making machine and packing machine industry association, bag-making machine, as a kind of soft packaging equipment, has great market potential and good exhibition space.

Learned, flexible packaging equipment manufacturing industry in China is only 20 years of history, it is on the basis of the introduction of foreign equipment, through the digestion and absorption, from early can only produce 400 mm wide, speed satellite printer only 20 meters per minute, dry film machine, etc., to now can produce speed 150 m/minute, width 1000 mm below the intaglio printing machine, dry compound machine and a variety of more than 100 pieces per minute (fully automatic bag making machine, provides gist for the development of the domestic soft packaging industry equipment.

At present, our country soft packing equipment production already had the industry scale, formed guangdong east guangdong area, jiangsu wuxi area, zhejiang wenzhou haining area, shaanxi xi 'an area and so on several large-scale soft packing equipment production base. In the past, Chinese bag-making enterprises mainly used to produce narrow range automatic bag-making machines. In recent years, with the growth of demand, it has introduced a large number of imported equipment in Japan and other places. This means that there is a big gap between us and foreign advanced countries.

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