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Application And Technology Of Coating Machine
- Aug 21, 2018 -

I. product use

It is mainly used for the precise spraying, coating and dropping of UV glue and other liquids to the exact position of each product. It can be used for line drawing, circular or arc drawing.

Ⅱ. Production technology

Surface coating machine technology is the technology of coating a new material on the surface of the product. The function of surface spraying of the product is mainly to act as a waterproof, dustproof and static proof. Surface coating is a technique of forming a film layer on the substrate surface to improve the protective surface.

After the new material is sprayed on the surface of the product, the chemical composition and organizational structure of the coating layer can be completely different from that of the matrix material, which is based on meeting the surface performance, the bonding strength of the coating layer and the matrix material can adapt to the operating condition, good economy and environmental protection. The surface coating machine has a coating thickness of a few microns or less.

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