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Film Blowing Machine Development Of High-end Film Blowing Machine
- Aug 21, 2018 -

With the rapid development of industrial technology and technology, the film blowing machine has also mastered the skilled production process for several times. However, compared with the more advanced technical level of foreign countries, there are still some gaps in some aspects. To develop the film blowing machine and enter the international market, it is necessary to develop the film blowing machine in a new direction.

A special preservative film produced by a film blowing machine, which USES advanced technology to make fruits and vegetables durable. The cling film is made from a kind of nylon semi transparent film packaging machine, the transparent film, good permeability, on the interlayer containing a certain amount of sand syrup, gently coated surfaces, it is a harmless film must ensure that the environmental protection, at the same time a strong water permeability, absorb the fruit and vegetable juice, purpose of preservation, the special raw material need film blowing machine has high traction and drawing ability, guarantee product toughness breathable membrane, food packaging are the largest film application field, blown film machine blown high-grade film can be used as a propaganda, commodity packaging to improve business value.

At present, the most popular packaging in the market is mainly plastic and paper, and the plastic film blowing machine is the major blow molding industry in the market, but with the more and more stringent requirements for the paper industry, the new environmental protection and energy saving indicators raise the threshold of the paper industry, resulting in the paper packaging market cost expansion and price rise. As a result, the share of plastic packaging in the market has increased correspondingly, which has stimulated the development of the film blowing machinery industry. At the same time, environmental protection and energy-saving technologies have been paid attention to in the film blowing machinery industry, and promoted the film blowing machine to advance to the high-end level.

In the future, with the deepening of science and technology, the film blowing machine will play more roles after constantly upgrading, pushing the plastics and packaging industry towards the high-end. China is a big manufacturing country and has advantages in terms of scale. However, in the research and development and production of high-end equipment, domestic moulding machines have not reached the international level. Relying on the large consumer group, domestic film blowing machine has a promising market prospect, but developing towards the high end is the development trend that the film blowing machine must face.

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